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At Quvel, we believe that life is about the journey, and walking in our shoes is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to take it all in. Whether you are strolling seaside destinations or wandering cobblestone streets, our shoes give you the freedom to explore in a style all your own. 

Founded in 2015 by the second generation of a family with 30 years of experience manufacturing apparel and footwear for global brands, Quvel is about exploration, creativity, freedom of expression and of course, handmade shoes. With our online design tool, we give you the creative freedom to design a pair of shoes reminiscent of the places you've been, the places you will visit, and the places you dream of. You pick, swap, and design a pair of shoes from a curated, ever-changing, array of colors and materials. We make them to order, box them up, and put them on your feet in one week. 

We empower you to live your journey in a unique, handmade pair of shoes. Made just for you. Awaken your imagination and explore the world in a pair of your own, customized for you, Quvel shoes. 

Life is About Journeys

Awaken your imagination with a pair of Quvel shoes.